L+F Wedding // DIY: Wedding ringbox & where we customized our wedding bands!

Sunday, January 04, 2015


It made me so very happy I could DIY all the beautiful details in my wedding from my candy table down to the very small details like shopping and selecting the fresh flowers that will be going on my hair or making our own ringbox. 

I had a rough idea in my mind that i wanted a wooden ring box with pretty gold and moss details and today I wanted to share how simple it is to DIY our wedding ringbox!

We used it for our photoshoot with AlvinAdeline & Co at the horse ranch and of course at our wedding ceremony:

Photo credits to Chris, The Wedding Murals.

You can see a peeeeek of my wedding bouquet, still can't believe how beautiful it is. (:

So here goes! I had a pale maple wooden box at home (you can buy something similar in spotlight, i've seen it there, not exactly the same thou) and I bought a waterbase wood stain in Mahogany and staining it was really easy peasy, i dabbed it on with a sponge applicator, wiped it off, re-applied and tadaaaaa.. it took like a grand total of 2 mins max haha

So after it dried, I bought this plastic/foam core thingy from spotlight and agar agar cut out the inner shape of the wooden box with a penknife, so it will fit in perfectly to hold the rings, dug out 3 small holes just nice to fit the rings too! (Leon's ring, my wedding ring + engagement ring)

Gave my wooden box some pretty gold details, glued my plastic/foam core thingy in the wooden box and painted the core gold as well, and started to glue the moss thingy (also from spotlight)

Fitted our rings in and it fits perfectly! Real simple right? haha I pretty much only have patience for quick and easy DIY so you can definitely do it too!

Photo Credits to EggBenedictChan

Hahaha we just realized as compared to many of our friends who are getting married this/next year, we're super kan chiong in small details like this! 

Although our wedding is on 22 November 2014, we already went to customize our rings in late 2013 because I wanted to shoot our wedding rings in the AlvinAdeline & Co photoshoot in Mar 2014! 

I was totally shell shocked when friends around us haven't gotten their wedding rings like even 1 month before the wedding! hahaha  

 Photo Credits to EggBenedictChan

Oh and many of you have been rather curious of where did we get our wedding bands from, we actually customized his from JannPaul (where we customized my engagement ring) and mine is from Ling's Jewellery!

Haha most of our friends were rather surprised because normally their thinking would be that the wedding band should be more of less of a pair in terms of design, but we decided against that because no way am i going to wear a simple classic band, I love the look of dainty rings and no way is he going to have a dainty/vintage-y looking ring that I want simply to accomodate me, I think that's very silly to force it on each other, one way or another! 

But at least they are both rose gold! hehe

For me to wear something till the end of time, i jolly well pick something I really love if not I'll make excuses not to wear it even if it's my wedding band! hahaha I tried a bunch of rings at Ling's Jewellery and decided on this because it's such a fun piece! We slightly customized it from the original design to be able to fully fit it with my existing engagement ring like this:

Pictures really doesn't do them justice! This combination is so so dazzeling in real life, in fact I realized that i didn't really like wearing it this way because somehow the additional bands "overcrowds" the diamonds on the engagement ring and make it a little over the top. 

I guess I could wear it this way too if i wanted..

But on most days I would wear them separately with the engagement ring on my left hand and wedding bands on my right like this! The dainty beading details on the rose gold wedding bands ahhh gives it that beautiful slightly vintage look, I love it so much! 

I could wear it like this too.. haha on the overall it's such a fun piece and I'm so glad we went ahead and got non-matchy wedding rings! So both of us can have what we both love!


Photo Credits: Jeremy, AlvinAdeline & Co

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.


Juliana C Stryker said...

Your rings are gorgeous! Congratulations again Fidel! Muuuaaahh! :*

Unknown said...


Congrats on your weddings!

Sad to say, I have lost my wedding rings during house moving, so now looking for replacements.

Can I check what's the price range for wedding rings at Ling Jewellary? Thanks!

fidelistoh said...

@Ashley: Oh noooo!! Ahh I can't really give a "price range" becuase we didn't actually get both our rings there like a set couple bands? But my 2 wedding bands (the eternity ring + crown ring) is about 2500 i think? Because there was some customization work involved as well! Hope you can find a dream replacement band soon! I feel so weird during our honeymoon when I wasn't wearing my engagement ring + wedding bands and i keep touching my ring finger the whole time, can't imagine losing it! ):

Unknown said...

All these wedding rings along with that ring box are amazing. I just placed an order for a beautiful ring for my wife as going to tie the knot with love of my life at one of iconic venues in Los Angeles. Really excited for my wedding.

Unknown said...

Your rings are gorgeous! Congratulations again Fidel! Muuuaaahh! :* cheap wedding rings

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